Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Meet Toledo Cats

Toledo Cats

I apologize for being so late introducing myself. It seems like everyone's having babies lately and like my mama, I am, first and foremost, a midwife. Of course, I have other responsibilities as well, like keeping Hanover out of trouble.  *Winks*

I suppose it's fitting that I'm the last to introduce myself, though. I was first-born of the four of us and I suppose the stories we tell in Dime Store Novel really began with the events leading up to my conception. You can read about those in Rips in the Weave and The Desert Rose and they explain a lot about the world I was born into.

I'm also very excited about the next book Ms. Reese and Mr. Miller will release, The Reunion. I suppose you could call it my coming of age story, although it's really much more than that. They've finished writing the first draft and I'm reading it now to make sure they have things right. If the baby business ever slows down, I'll finish reading it and then it will be your turn.