Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Reunion - Movie poster and casting call

Toledo Cats
We were talking the other day about how fun it would be if our Dime Store Novel stories were made into movies. Who would I cast to play myself? Tyra Banks? Angelina Jolie? A talent yet unknown?

I asked Hanover who he would want to play him. He shrugged. "Jack Nicholson would be the right age if I actually looked my age, but since I don't, I guess Heath Ledger."

"He's dead, Hanover."

"Heath Ledger's dead?  When did that happen?"

"He overdosed a few years back. Don't you remember? Regan swore off pills for a week."

"Oh, that's right. Well, I don't know then. How about the kid from Harry Potter? The blonde one."

I laughed at him. "Not a chance! I see you more as a Frodo Baggins."

Hanover scowled. "Maybe we should ask Regan and Mary who looks more like me."

So that's when I got an idea. "Maybe we should ask our readers."

Hanover agreed. So first, we decided to have a movie poster created using one of the illustrations from The Reunion. Here it is.
Now we'll put the question to all of you. Who would you cast as Hanover Fist?

Post your casting suggestions and make sure to tell us why. On April 1st we'll cast the role of Hanover Fist and the winner (or winners) will receive a free Dime Store Novel ebook of their choice.