Sunday, June 29, 2014

Regan Rants - #Nanowrimo

I'm not big on camping. I mean I'm all for a party, but getting wet, cold, and dirty is just not my favorite thing to do. So when the writers invited us to go to Camp Nanowrimo, I wrinkled my nose and said "Seriously? Can't we go somewhere fun instead? Somewhere with posh restaurants and dance clubs?"

Of course, Hanover was all for the idea. He got out his fishing gear and started going on about how he and Swampy would do such and such, fishing and hunting and gigging. Gross. He and Toledo reminisced about when they were kids and took a camping trip down the Mississippi. Even Mary is excited. It seems she went camping with her family a few times and had memories of roasting hot dogs over the open fire and s'mores. They sound sticky to me. Besides, I have nothing to wear.

So anyway, I was all ready to just say no. But then they explained to me the main idea behind Camp Nanowrimo is stories. There won't be any struggling to build a camp fire while we shiver in the rain. And I won't have to eat s'mores if I don't want to. Instead, we'll have the writers' attention to tell more of our stories.
We'll stay up late in the moonlight and let our stories unfold. At the end of the month, there will be two new rough drafts. Going to Camp Nanowrimo will help us get our stories to you. So I'm on board. My bags are packed. It turns out I do have PJs and that's all I will need to sit around and tell my story by the moonlight.

I think the best thing of all is that the writers have agreed to share excerpts of our stories in the August newsletter. You can subscribe here.

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