Friday, May 30, 2014

Dime Store Novel Announcements

Mary O'Malley
I'm sorry we've been silent the past through weeks. We have been working with the writers on some new stories -- more about those soon. We will also be selecting a winner for the Rainy Days Reading blog tour and sending out prizes soon.

Today I have two things I want to announce. 

First, you can read more about us and the Dime Store Novel world at the new Dream Dragon Press website. The website features many of the Dime Store Novel characters. The writers have some other things planned as well, so expect it to be changing frequently. They have asked us to move our blog to the website and we are discussing the move, so we'll let you know what we decided.

Second, Dream Dragon Press is starting a monthly newsletter. If you already signed up for the Dime Store Novel newsletter, you will be added to the list automatically and sent a link to the free story, The Canary's Silence by Rachelle Reese. It's a YA story, so it's a little tamer than some of the Dime Store Novel stories, but it's got adventure, intrigue, and romance, so if you're a Dime Store Novel fan, I think you'll like it. You can sign up for the newsletter here or on the Dream Dragon Press website.

Well, that's all the announcements for today. Stay tuned though. The next several months are likely to be pretty exciting in the Dime Store Novel world.

Let us know what you think about the changes.