Monday, April 11, 2016

This Piece of My Heart

Regan Worth
Mary and I don't agree on much sometimes, but we do agree that the book This Piece of My Heart, by Robyn M. Ryan, which will be released on May 2nd is fantastic.
I like the story because I can identify with the main character, Caryn Stevens. Here's what she had to say about destiny:

Destiny. What a ridiculous nineteenth century word! Like anyone buys into that concept these days. Of course, if you’re Prince William, you know your destiny is to become King of England some day. Who else really talks about destiny? No one. Except my parents. They decided my destiny the day I was born.

Our destinies are different, but the battle against destiny is real. Click here if you want to know Caryn's ideas about her destiny. 

Mary likes it be it's a sweet romantic story. She likes that kind of thing.

She also likes the fact that the protagonist is a hot hockey player. Actually, we both like that part. I mean, after all....(see picture to the right). We have to be careful not to let Hanover overhear us talking about Andrew Chadwick's gym shorts. He doesn't want to hear about other guys' butts. Of course, Andrew Chadwick is not just a nice hockey hunk. He has dreams and worries too.

We were lucky enough to get an early look at the book because our writer knows Robyn M. Ryan.

You can preorder your copy at:

You can also comment on this blog post before May 7th to win a FREE ebook copy.

Another reason we both like Caryn Stevens is that she's a music fan. 

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