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Regan Worth enjoys her life as the daughter of Jazz pianist and notorious bootlegger, Blazing Fingers Worth. However, she is not pleased when her father insists that Hanover Fist accompany her to the social event of the year -- the christening of a new riverboat casino. I mean, seriously? Hanover Fist is a private detective. What kind of impression will that make?

But when strange things happen at the casino, and a jazz singer turns up dead, Regan decides it's not a bad thing to have Hanover by her side. Mary O'Malley, on the other hand, is less than thrilled about Regan's new found interest in Hanover.

These stories take place before our heros are born. There are two story arcs: one that tells the story of how Toledo and Hanover were born, and the other that tells the story of how Mary and Regan were born.

Toledo and Hanover Prequels

When Delilah Cats defies her sister and follows her heart, she is entangled in a struggle between men and gods, each with their own agendas and the power to destroy the very fabric of the weave. Is love enough to set her free?

The sequel to Rips in the Weave
A story of love and loss, of anguish and joy, of metamorphosis and chaos. It is a story that asks the question -- what happens when a god loves a mortal?

Regan and Mary Prequels
Duncan O'Malley is satisfied with his life in Hell's Kitchen. He has the boxing gym he'd always wanted and a brother he loves, even if he drives him bonkers sometimes. Unfortunately, his peaceful life is about to end.

Main Story Line

Something happened in the swamp on February 14, 1900 and Agatha witnessed it. On April 1st, the goddess of chaos shows up with a squawling bundle under her arms. How does this concern Swampy? It doesn't -- at least not until those pesky fairies get him involved.

Mama Cats has always kept a secret from her daughter. On the night she reveals it, Toledo accepts her mama's choice with a grace she only hopes she'll someday feel. But when her mama's long-defeated enemy resurfaces, Toledo risks everything to save the souls of children she's never met and keep the god of pain from stepping through.
But will she lose the people she loves most?


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