Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Reunion - My Coming of Age

Toledo Cats
In March of 1921, just after the yellow daffodils had finished their happy waves and drooped, papery brown from low-bent stems, my life changed forever. The secret Mama divulged one night, as we walked home from a birth, gave me insight into who I am  and what I could never be. It also signalled the end of my carefree youth.

It was not easy for me to tell the story of that night and the events that followed, but the writers encouraged me, told me it was essential that the reader understand that part of the story before they could read about our other adventures. And so I told it.

I wanted to tell other stories first, -- like stories of the adventures Hanover and I had when we were young. But those stories will come later because we really didn't know why our lives could not be ended by mundane accidents. We didn't understand and didn't care that we did not have the same limitations of time and space as the other children. We certainly didn't know about "passage" and so the writers thought it would be best to skip ahead and tell the story of my passage to who I would become.

They have finished writing. The artist has finished the last drawing. I have read the story, cried my eyes out, and approved. So now the countdown begins. Soon, very soon, you will live my life.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Soul Song - A Tribute to Amy Winehouse

Regan Worth
Blown away. I mean, everyone is saying they expected it, that she was headed that way, that all the drugs and alcohol would do her in. I did not expect it. Like Amy, I've had my drunken escapades. I even sang my own version of Rehab once, but that's a story for a different day. So maybe part of why I'm shocked is that me and Amy are so similar. But there's more to it than that. You see, Amy Winehouse is my muse.

The first time I heard her sing carried me back to a speakeasy in New Orleans. I must have been 21 or 22. Hanover and I were between adventures and we were kicking back, listening to my daddy play. A jazz singer took the stage, not a frail wrath like the girls who usually sang, but a curvaceous black woman. Her voice was throaty and full. I pictured that woman as I listened to Amy sing "Back to Black".

The first time I saw Amy's picture, I said "No way! That tiny young girl cannot have a voice that large." But she did. Her music resonates with my soul. And that's what I will remember about Amy Winehouse -- not the sad way she left this realm too young, but as the largest voice I've heard in recent years. Rest in peace, Amy Winehouse. Or better yet, may your soul sing forever.

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Reunion

Sorry we haven't checked in with all of you lately. Toledo and I have been working closely with the writers to get the next book right. It's been an emotional time for both of us -- and I don't like emotional times.

The Reunion is a coming of age story of sorts. It's a story of firsts and lasts. In it, Toledo and I both lose something, but we gain something too.

When can you read it? Very soon. The writers wrapped it up last night and sent it to the beta reviewers. But while you're waiting, if you haven't read the earlier books, now's your chance to read them cheap (or even free). But you'll have to do it soon...the Smashwords Winter/Summer sale only goes through July. Here's a link to From the Gator's Mouth. It's free and I'm partial to it. It is the story of my birth, after all.