Friday, July 22, 2011

The Reunion

Sorry we haven't checked in with all of you lately. Toledo and I have been working closely with the writers to get the next book right. It's been an emotional time for both of us -- and I don't like emotional times.

The Reunion is a coming of age story of sorts. It's a story of firsts and lasts. In it, Toledo and I both lose something, but we gain something too.

When can you read it? Very soon. The writers wrapped it up last night and sent it to the beta reviewers. But while you're waiting, if you haven't read the earlier books, now's your chance to read them cheap (or even free). But you'll have to do it soon...the Smashwords Winter/Summer sale only goes through July. Here's a link to From the Gator's Mouth. It's free and I'm partial to it. It is the story of my birth, after all.