Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Shopping

Mary O'Malley
It's that time of year...families gathered around the Christmas tree, singing caroles, drinking eggnog -- Hanover and Regan are certainly doing their fair share of that.

I don't know about you, but one of the things that stresses me out at the holidays is finding just the right gift for the people I care about. Maybe someone you care about likes to read....or maybe you need a break from all the holiday stress and need to treat yourself to a book.

That's why we've decided to lower the price of each and every Dime Store Novel ebooks to only 99 cents through January 1st. It's our gift to you, our readers.

Best Seller for a Day Deals

We'd also like to encourage you to buy the books of other indie writers this holiday season. Here are some other books on sale this week for only 99 cents.

Best Seller for a Day
Three years ago, one horrific night changed his life forever. And now the wolf soul that was invoked to save him is taking over his body, day by day.
Can he master his animal instincts in time to discover who is stealing children's souls before the delicate balance we all depend upon is shattered?

Or will he reject the one woman who can help heal his body and his soul?

I happen to know that Soul Search is excellent because one of our writers hijacked our blog to talk about it.

Bonus Buys
Some other great bonus buys on sale this week are:
Tsunami Blue
With her badass rain boots, her faithful dog, and the ability to predict the monster tsunamis that have reduced the Earth to a series of islands, Kathryn "Blue" O'Malley isn't afraid of much. Cut off from all society, she takes to the airwaves as Tsunami Blue, hoping to save something of humanity as the world around her crumbles. But Blue should be afraid, because her message reaches the wrong ears. . .

Gifts of Blood
A dying brother. A young man with golden planes of light on his back. A blind chess wizard. An insane angelic kidnapper in flamboyant red leather. A town with more secrets than stoplights. A cat that talks to spirits. Waking up with eyes the color of moonlight. 

Before her world tilts towards impossible, Caspia Chastain thinks the only strange thing about her is that she sometimes draws the future. Only her brother Logan, fighting his cancer diagnosis, knows what she can do. When she draws a man surrounded by brilliant light, dark wings, and frightening symbols, she can only hope the vision won't come true.

But when a stranger named Ethan appears, determined to protect Caspia and her brother from dangers he won't explain, she's not sure what to think. Strangers almost never come to Whitfield. They certainly don't follow her around, frightening her one moment and treating her like glass the next. And they certainly don't look exactly like the subject of her most violent drawing.

Everyone thinks that they know the story of Caesar's demise, however in "Fated," we discover the truth.
Told from Brutus' perspective, critics are heaping praise upon "Fated"...

Do dreams foretell the future? Are there soul connections that go deeper than love?

He can sense her emotions at any place and time. Their bond is powerful but a mystery. One thing he does know: She's plagued his dreams for months. Maybe even longer.

Being involved with a celebrity is the last things she imagined...or wanted. Can she forget the pain from the past? Can he let go of his fears?

The best news of all...Soul Search is an IBC Bestseller of the Day. That means 
anyone who buys one or more of these books can enter the drawing to win a kindle AND have their purchase price for the bonus buys rebated.  To do this, just go to the Bestseller for a Day website : http://www.bestsellerforaday.com/Bestseller_for_a_Day/Home.html and fill out the form found on the right hand side.