Friday, July 27, 2012

No More Dog Days of Chemo

Mickey Miller
Hi I'm Mickey Miller and today was my last day of chemo!  I know...I'm not a Dime Store Novel character...I'm a real dog. I belong to the authors. But I am just so happy, I had to shout it to the world, so I stole Mom's computer and here's what I have to say.


I will say, I had a pretty good day today.  I got a grilled turkey, bacon, and cheese sandwich from Jack in the Box and the girl at the window thought I was cute. Yipppee!!! I don't get a chance to pick up girls too often. But then on the highway, two other ladies were giving me the eye and smiling at me.  I guess I'm just a lady's man after all. Mom thinks so, anyway.

Well, then we got to the vet. Kenny carried me -- I clung to Mom, but she pried me away and gave me to Kenny. I like Kenny, but for some reason he always wants to stick me with a needle. Today was no exception. And then my oncologist, Dr. Taylor, came over and felt my lymph nodes and stuck me again. She's nice -- for a vet -- plus, she saved my life. So, since today was my last chemo day I wanted to thank her. Mom helped me write this poem for her. I think she liked it because her eyes got kind of watery.

My Bark

by Mickey Miller (typed by Rachelle Reese)
Dedicated to my vet, Dr. Taylor
I was a barking kind of dog
before I got sick
and then I wouldn't bark
and wouldn't eat.

Mom and Dad brought me here
to find out what was wrong
and you did find out...
but I was so sick, you told them only maybes.
Mom prayed to hear my bark.

After that first chemo
I felt better.
I caught a mouse my first day home!
Did they tell you that?
I chomped it down
first meal in forever they didn't have to
and plead

Still, you said guarded.
I can respect that.
I felt guarded too.

You were the one who discovered
why I was anemic
and prescribed a little pill
Mom and Dad hid it carefully
in bread so I'd eat it.

And now I eat everything.
Tonight I stole the bread off the dinner table.
Yay me!
And I bark too...
in the daylight and in the middle of the night.

And the best thing is,
when Mom starts to yell at me, I remind her...
in those days when I was so sick
before your medicine and their love cured me
the only thing she wished for
was my bark