Monday, November 3, 2014

Louisiana Snowflake Excerpt #Nanowrimo

Last July, the writers worked on two Dime Store Novel stories. Neither one is quite finished, so they are back at it for the November Nanowrimo. 

Rachelle Reese is working on Louisiana Snowflake a story that takes place in 1905 and 1906. That time was one of the happiest times in my life. However, a dark peril faced New Orleans during that time and my best friend Dylan Worth's future was in jeopardy as 1906 began. 

Here's a short excerpt of what she wrote this weekend:

The creature on the throne just stared at her with unblinking eyes that flitted between her face and her growing belly. A deep throated noise rose from the creature, unintelligible except for one word – unborn.
“Jumbl-iya is pleased with your offering, Seth,” the vulture said. “Come forward and she will reward you.”
The panther slinked forward to the beast on the throne. Sue-Li took a slow step toward the door.
“Stay,” the vulture squealed and rose up, flapping its wings. It was behind her in an instant, its long talons pressing into her shoulders.
“You’re hurting me,” she said.
The talons dug deeper.
The panther sat on its haunches and extended a paw. The creature inserted a syringe under the panther’s fur and pressed the plunger. The panther slunk down to the floor and lay still for a moment.
“Retreat to your room while the pleasure is with you,” the vulture cawed. 

There's a lot going on in Louisiana Snowflake, so I hope you'll check back periodically through the month for little teasers. 

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