Friday, March 11, 2011

Meet Hanover Fist

Hanover Fist

Beautiful, aren't they? And you haven't even met Toledo yet. Ah Toledo, the first girl I long ago. Most men would envy a man my age, consorting with three beautiful women. Hell, I'd even envy myself if I didn't know about the realms.

But since I know more about them than I'd like to, you know who I envy? Those men who have a 9-to-5, go home to a wife, grow old and die, without ever knowing that nightmares lurk in shadows, goblins hide in trees, and the frog song on a summer night might be cultists plotting another way to destroy some portion of the weave that protects us from the self-serving monsters who rule the realms.

I know, Toledo, don't say it. Not every realm god is a monster. Still...wouldn't it have been nice to have a normal life? *Chuckle* I guess not. After all, I'd be 111 -- or, given the way things normally go -- I'd be pushing up daisies.