Sunday, June 19, 2011

Regan Looks at the Calendar

So it turns out I was wrong about my Daddy moving on. He came to visit me this morning. EARLY this morning. I'm glad and everything..I mean I was really missing him all week, worrying that he'd moved on. But SIX in the morning? WTF? He should know better after all these years. I mean, Saturday night is party night. Sunday morning is for sleeping.

Anyway, he kissed me on the cheek and said, "Good morning, Princess."

I opened my eyes and saw him standing there, dressed in his best white suit he wore when he performed that last time. "Daddy! You didn't leave me."

"Of course I didn't leave you."

"But you didn't come last Sunday and you always visit me on Father's Day."

"Today is Father's Day, Princess." He laughed and rumpled my hair. "You still can't keep your dates straight, even after all these years."

I guess he's right. Days just pass most time and I can't keep them straight.. There are too many people, too many parties, and too many battles. And time just moves on around me. But at least I still have my Daddy. Happy Father's Day, Daddy, for real this time.