Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday Scramble - Rips in the Weave

Mary O'Malley
Congratulations to Tony Western and Lisa Cullen for solving last week's scramble.

The answer to last week's scramble is:

"Okay, Mark, now in boxing you can hit anywhere above the belt  line, but not below. You get marks taken off for a hit below the belt. And never hit the family jewels."

Scrambled words
xigbon  - boxing
elsjwe - jewels
lbet - belt
owble - below
ith -hit

This week the scramble is from Rips in the Weave. Answer the scramble to win a free ebook copy of Rips in the Weave.

A few ____________ leaked out. She let them rest ___________ the turtle’s __________. He’d have to grow before he could __________ all her _____________.


Good luck!  I really hope someone wins this week. Rips in the Weave is a story about how the weave began to tear. It was a story that happened before I was even a twinkle in anyone's eye.