Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday Scramble

Mary O'Malley
The answer to last week's Scramble is:

The dragon lashed his white lightning tail and chuckled, low and sinister. “You’ve lost your sister. Delilah calls to me.”

ledliha = Delilah
lggithnni = lightning
gadnor = dragon
stinsresi = sinister
duckchle = chuckled

Unfortunately, there were no winners. Maybe I AM making these too hard. Sorry.

We'll try it again. This week's scramble is from Angels in Hell's Kitchen. The first person to solve it by adding the correct answer to a comment wins a FREE ebook copy of Angels in Hell's Kitchen. This time I'm using a quote from my Daddy.

"Okay, Mark, now in ___________ you can hit anywhere above the  line, but not ________. You get marks taken off for a _________ below the belt. And never hit the family ___________ ."

Scrambled words

Good luck!  I really hope someone wins this week. It's a fun story about how my Mom and Dad met.

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