Sunday, September 18, 2011

Just some new frogs -- or so they say

Hanover Fist
I picked up the newspaper today, just as I do every day. Not much there...until I got in deep. Then I saw the headline that made me shudder -- Scientists Discover 12 New Frog Species in India.  So what, you ask? They're only frogs, you say?

Wrong. Not all frogs are what they seem. In fact, in my experience, most frogs are minions of Khrou-ach the storm god. If you doubt me, just listen next time it rains. Why else would they make a racket like the off-key hymns of worshippers, devout but tone deaf. I know, Whiskey Joe, I can't sing worth a hoot either, that's why I don't try. But these frogs, these worshippers of Khrou-ach, are obnoxious. And now I've got 12 more species of them to investigate.

Come on, girls. We'd better get packing. India's a long way off if we travel by air -- and that's how I intend to travel this time. I'm too old to realm-hop. You heard me, Mary. I said no....Damn.