Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Now...don't be startled. I know my face is not familiar...that I'm not one of the characters who usually blog here. The truth is, I'm not one. I'm one of the authors of Dime Store Novel and I've hijacked the blog for the day. Why? you ask.
Because I came to ask to borrow the blog and found them all gone. Mary's laptop was open to Hanover ramblings about frogs and Hanover's typewriter held a single sheet of paper that reads:

It seems as if the Storm is organizing

Whatever that means. For me it means I had to hijack the blog to share my thoughts on a book I just read, Nearly Departed in Deadwood by Ann Charles.  Because I liked this book so much, I am joining an effort along with other independent writers to make it a Bestseller for a Day on Amazon.

One thing I really liked about Nearly Departed is that it kept me guessing the whole way through. I read a lot and find that I can often guess the ending about halfway through. As I read Nearly Departed, I made as many wrong guesses as right -- and never predicted the who, how, and why behind the disappearing girls.

I also really enjoyed the quirky characters, particularly Harvey. He made me smile in the opening scene and by the end of the book, he'd done a bunch of things that tickled me. Not that he was the only fun character. Violet's two kids both worried and thrilled me because I saw so many other kids I knew in them.

Let's not forget romance. Violet is not involved in a love triangle -- its a different geometric shape that keeps on shifting throughout the story. Yes, Ann Charles even keeps you guessing at the love angle.

Have I intrigued you? I hope so because I'd hate for you to miss out on this great read. The best news is, you can get it for your Kindle or Kindle Reader app and start reading it now Nearly Departed in Deadwood . Why wait?

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