Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Toledo Talks -- Spaghetti Squash as Comfort Food

Toledo Cats
Winter months call for comfort food. So do the stressful events we often face in life, especially when certain deities decide to get involved. I've found that a good meal helps calm the nerves and puts things in perspective. A nice plate of spaghetti squash with some sausage on the side fits the bill nicely -- *whispers* and for those of us who care about carbs, it's a low-carb option. Now you spiders who might be listening, don't you go creeping into the desert realm telling Mama I'm watching my carbs.

I've been pretty busy these days and there are rumors that someone is stirring up trouble in the realms again, so I tend to prefer dishes I can make in a single pan without a lot of fuss. I'll tell you how it's done.

First, you cut the squash in half from stem to bloom end.

Next, scoop out the seeds and stuff it with your favorite sausage. I like to use spicy Italian sausage.

Cut up some mushrooms and put them alongside the squash in an electric frying pan.

Flip the squash upside-down so that the sausage touches the frying fan surface. The oil from the sausage will provide the necessary grease to keep it all from sticking. The sausage flavor will also rise up into the squash as it cooks. If you're using a vegetarian stuffing instead of sausage, grease the pan with olive oil first.

Now you're ready to cook it. If you like your sausage scorched, the way Hanover likes his, cook it at 400F. Otherwise, cook it at 350F. Cover the pan to keep the moisture and flavor inside. You'll know it's done when you can easily push the squash in with your fingertip.

Flip the squash right-side up and add your favorite spaghetti sauce. Continue cooking until the sauce is warm and bubbly.

Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese.

Now you're ready to serve it up. Remove the sausage from the center. Scrape the squash gently with a form until it looks like cooked spaghetti.

Spoon some of the warm sauce onto the pasta and eat. I like it served with a nice Cabernet and some bread. See Mama, I'm not watching my carbs. I just prefer the rich sweetness of the squash over plain old bleached flour pasta.

Once more, I'd like to give a special thanks to Paul's Farm Fresh Produce Market  for providing the fresh organic spaghetti squash and mushrooms.

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