Monday, May 30, 2011

Blog Tour de Troops

Hanover Fist
Happy Memorial Day!
This weekend we're joining over 30 authors in Blog Tour de Troops, our way of thanking our troops for keeping our country safe and free.
If you're following the tour, you probably came from Louisa Bacio's blog. Her book "The Vampire, the Witch, and the Werewolf" takes place in my home town of New Orleans...a little steamier than Dime Store Novel, but it looks like a good read. If you haven't dropped by her blog, please do so.
The next stop on the tour is Tracy Bull's blog. Tracy is not only a writer, but an artist. Her literary book, Fragments, is getting great reviews. So be sure visit her after you've gotten to know us a little.
I'm Hanover Fist. The story of my rather unusual birth is told in "From the Gator's Mouth", the ebook we're giving away FREE to anyone who comments on this blog. We're also giving away one to a troop for each unique commenter. I think you'll like my godfather Swampy. At least one reader did. You can read her review at Kona's blog.
To celebrate Memorial Day and thank the troops who keep our land free, I'm going to tell a story about my friend Spooky Fox. Then I'm going to turn the blog over to the three beautiful women who share my adventures to express their gratitude in their own way.
First a little about my military service. I was drafted into the Navy in 1918. But, unlike the men I trained with, I never saw combat. You see, the smallpox vaccination made me sick. The military doctors had never see the likes of my illness and had too send me home. But that's another story for a later book.
Today I want to remember my good friend Spooky Fox. Spooky and I trained together before the smallpox fiasco. He was from Chicago and his parents had money – something to do with the railroads, I think. Spooky was a good of the best. He didn't look down his nose at anyone and was always willing to share his wealth. Well, before getting shipped out, we had to do a survival weekend. We were taken to a spot in the swamps and had to survive off the land. It wasn't a big deal for me. Swampy had taught me a lot about fishing and tracking, so I wasn't worried. But Spooky wasn't going to have any part of roughing it. He found out our drop point from an acquaintance who'd been through it before and arranged to have a five course meal flown in by crop plane. What a guy!
I contributed to our feast by calling on some nymph friends of mine. Spooky really hit it off with Sunshine. Of course, as far as he knew she was just a woman. She kept her claws well hidden.
Anyway, Spooky went on to serve in World War I, the War to End All Wars, and the Korean War that proved wars would never end. We kept in touch over the years until he went MIA in Korea. I like to think he met a nymph there to keep him warm until he grew old and died. But who's to say. All I know is that he did his part in keeping our country safe and free. Thank you, Spooky and thank you to all the service men and women.

Toledo Cats

As a healer, I'd like to thank our troops, not only for their service in times of war, but for the assistance they give during disasters, natural or otherwise. I sincerely hope reading "From the Gator's Mouth" will bring a smile to your lips and help ease your stress.

Regan Worth
I value my right to say and do as I please above all else. So, please continue to fight for my freedom. I might not give thanks often, but I do give it where it's due. So thank you, troops at home and abroad.

Mary O'Malley
As the daughter of a police officer, I was taught to value public service. I'd like to offer thanks, to all men and women in uniform. You protect us from dangers we can see and those we can't.
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