Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Late Mother's Day Tribute - To Mama Cats

Hanover Fist

I meant to publish this on Mother's Day, but I missed it.  When you are as old as I am, the exact dates don't seem to matter so much. But I had meant to write a Mother's Day tribute, so here it is.
If truth be told, I had three mothers – the mother I never knew because she died for me, my wonderful Mom who taught me manners and loved me like a son, and Mama Cats. All are gone now to whatever reward awaited them. I hope it was a good one because they deserved it.
I had the artist who made our portraits create a picture of Mama Cats. She was special to me in a way I don't fully understand even now. She was special to a lot of people. You see, Mama Cats was the kind of person who drew you to her bosom and held you tight. It didn't matter if you were black or white, poor or rich, if you needed someone to hold you, Mama Cats took you in.

Mama Cats

It's not like she was soft though. No-sir-ree. If me and Toledo got ourselves into trouble, which we did occasionally... alright, Toledo, quit arching your eyebrow like we did a lot, Mama disciplined us good. But we respected her for it and we grew from it.
There are three books out about Mama Cats back before she had me and Toledo to discipline. They are:
And now....well....these writers who are telling our story decided to write one about Mama Cats after me and Toledo are grown up and I am reading it now. It's bringing back all kinds of memories about her...things I haven't thought about in years. And I remember what a great woman  she was...and I'm sad she's gone, but I'm not broken – not  anymore -- because I've lived enough of this world and I believe that where Mama went, she must be happy.
So, I know it's after Mother's Day. And most of you probably gave your Mom a hug or a call or something already. But if you didn't, take it from me. You never know when someone you love will be stolen from tell your Mom or your Mama or whatever you call the woman who holds you to her bosom...I love you.