Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thoughts on Compassion

Toledo Cats
My father said to my mama, not long after they first met, You do not need to hide your tears from me. The desert sand holds the salt of many tears. Yours will only enrich it with their power.
Mama embodied compassion. The turnout we had for Blog Tour de Troops proved there are an abundance of truly compassionate people. Many just need a vehicle to express it. I feel the blog organizers and participants gave them that.

Last night the Indie Book Collective announced that the participants are donating 10,000 ebooks to the troops.  As many of you who commented here noted, that's 10,000 opportunities for a soldier to get a little escape -- a little piece of mind. Thank you all for stopping by and commenting here and on the other blogs in the tour to make this possible.

When I look around, I see other acts of compassion too. People like the woman in this article who risk their own lives and health to help the victims of the Fukushima earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster. People who spend their time working to educate people, reunite lost animals with their owners and find homes for abandoned pets. These people are true heroes. They are people Mama would be proud to call her friends.