Saturday, October 22, 2011

Are you enjoying the IBC Blog Tour de Force? I hope so because we love having you drop by and read about the realms. We love it so much that my daughter Mary decided that everyone who comments on the review of Soul Search will also receive a free ebook copy of The Reunion the latest book in the Dime Store Novel series.

Duncan O'Malley

We have more tricks and treats in store for you next week. We'll be participating in the Coffin Hop along with a lot of other horror writers. But Dime Store Novel isn't really horror, you say?

Isn't it? Have you been to the Nightmare Realm yet? I didn't think so. But, you see, I have and someday I'll tell you all about it.

However, next week, we're going to let you in on another kind of horror. Each day there will be a new episode of a story involving Mary's best friend from childhood, Regan Worth. I think she's safe in India hunting frogs. But believe me. I've known Regan a long time -- I was best friends with her father -- and I can tell you, Regan can find trouble anywhere.

Plus, every person who comments on an episode will receive a free ebook copy of Mind of a Mad Man. There are plenty of ghosts in that book -- and Regan isn't the only one who sees them.

See you here....on the Coffin Hop.