Saturday, October 29, 2011

Death Seeker - Part 6 #coffinhop

Regan Worth

And now we lay here side by side, our legs entwined, our souls intermingled. He is sleeping and I wonder if he seeks Death in his dreams. I hope not because after what we had together, I'm sure he'll be disappointed. The sky is dark now. A tiny silver crescent hangs on the horizon. A big bug buzzes at my ear. I swat it away, but then it's back again.

"Go away," I whisper.

"Go back," it buzzes in my ear. "Hanover is frantic and Toledo's worried."

I hold up my hand and snatch its wings. I bring it forward and see its orange and yellow patterns. A moth fairy. I let it go and rub my fingers together to get rid of the dust. "Go away. I'm fine."

"Toledo said to tell you there are things out here even more wicked than you. She said you should come back now before they come find you."

"I'm not wicked. I would they come find me? I have the jeep."

"How do you think?" The moth melted into a floating mouth. It opened wide. I peer through jagged teeth into a deep velvety cavern.

"Oh no. There is no way I'm traveling through your realm."

"Then drive the jeep. She says you have until dawn." Orange and yellow wings sprout from the corners of the mouth. It twists back into a fuzzy-headed moth and flies away.

I stare at the sleeping man – a boy really, but who's counting? I don't want to leave without waking him...without knowing his name or where to find him. I kiss his forehead. He doesn't stir. Damn. I would fall for a deep sleeper.

I find a scrap of paper...a receipt from some dress I bought or something. I scribble my name and phone number on it, along with a note that I had fun. What else can I do?

I leave him lying there, his head cradled by dirt. I long to hold it until morning, but I have other longer bonds. I get in the car and turn the key. The engine roars alive. I drive away.

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