Thursday, October 27, 2011

Death Seeker - Part 4 #coffinhop

The pale hairs on my arms are standing straight up. I should be afraid, but instead I want to draw him closer, feel his snarling teeth against mine, throw my head back and howl. All these things I want to do, and more.

He leans his face toward my head and sniffs. "You smell like death." His breath is hot next to my ear.

"We've been camping. I haven't had a bath in like a week."

He backs away. I feel relief and regret. Damn it. I repulse him.

His eyes dart back and forth. His own hair stands on end. "Why do you smell like death?"

"I don't know what you mean. I told you I haven't showered. Look, does it matter? I mean, I barely know you. I should be going. Thanks for the smoke." I start to walk to the car.

"Stay." A command more than a request.

" Why should I? No one talks to me like that." And yet I want to.

"Because I need to understand your scent so I can find it."

"Find what?"

"Death." be continued later today

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