Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Death Seeker - Part 2 #coffinhop

Regan Worth

Definitely a man. Maybe even good-looking under all that grime. Hell, what've I got to lose? Besides, his accent's cute. British? "My name's not Ridinghood, it's Regan. It might be Halloween, but I'm not exactly wearing a costume."

He turns around. "I call you all Ridinghood." His eyes are cloaked by heavy lids. His voice is rough.

"Whatever. Can I have a drag or not?"

He offers the pipe and shrugs. "No fur off my back."

I inhale the smoke deep down into my lungs, savoring its reminiscent burn. "Nice flavor. Where I come from, we say No skin off my teeth."

"And do your kind have skin on their teeth? No wonder you can't stop flapping your gums."

I look him over. Yes, definitely good looking, even if a little rude. "So why'd you come here...to the middle of nothing, I mean."

"To be away from your kind."

"Bad relationship, huh?" Just my luck. I find a good-looking man in the middle of nowhere and he's soured on women.

"Can I have my pipe back?"

"Oh, sure." I take another quick hit and hand him the pipe. "What's your name?"

"Why do you care?"

"I don't. I'm just curious...making smalltalk."

"Don't." He takes another drag.

"Well, what do you want to talk about then?"

His lips roll up like a dog snarling. "Extinction."

....to be continued tomorrow

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