Monday, October 31, 2011

Death Seeker - Conclusion #coffinhop

The car is dead. Damn it. I know I'm not far from where we camped, but far enough. And heels on gravel doesn't work.
But what other choice do I have? It's not like there's cell signal out here and I have the jeep anyway. Dumb jeep. What is that sound? A woman screaming? Great. Just terrific. I'm out here in the middle of nowhere with a dead jeep and a serial killer or something on the loose. What was it that mouthy goblin said? "Something more wicked than me? Yeah right...well, it could be more wicked, but that's not saying much because I am NOT wicked.
Footsteps. Ba-ba-ba-doomp. Close. A shadow. Big...YEOWLLLLLL. Claws and teeth. I scream. It swipes at me. "My face! Do you know how hard it'll be to cover up a scratch like that?"
Never let it see your fear. Daddy. Battle as an equal.
I crouch low and back away. It watches me, eyes glowing silver in the moonlight. "Nice kitty. Just let me get back to my jeep. I won't bother you."
It crouches lower and lets out a low growl. I back away a little faster.
It springs and pins me to the ground. Its eyes glimmer. It bares diamond fangs and flexes its claws into my shoulders.
I grab a fistful of fur and pull as hard as I can.
The thing yowls.
I yowl back. "You think I don't know how to cat fight? I went to Catholic school."
Its diamond fangs lurch toward my neck.
*Thud* One furry creature becomes two --  on top of me -- wrestling. Gnashing teeth, flying fur, yowls and growls. I cover my face and try to roll away, but every way I roll they seem to follow.  Their claws dig into me. One of them shrieks – a horrid keening. And then everything stops moving. There is weight. I open my eyes.
A brown wolf stares down at me with golden eyes...ferocious, shadowed, but joyful. The wolf runs away into the darkness before I can say "I know you."
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